9 Step Lead Generation Audit For Every Business Leader and Sales Manager to Conduct

The process of lead generation is to attract more customers and convert them into prospects who are interested in your brand. It includes both inbound and outbound tactics. The nine steps to follow for a business leader are:

1. Start Keeping The End Goal In Mind
Have you prepared a well-throughout plan? Did you share your planning with everyone involved in the lead generation process? Having an idea of both long-term and short-term goals is important.

2. Coming With Downloadable And Valuable Information
Preparing downloadable and valuable information is referred to as premium content. The goal is to attract visitors in return for informative content to your site.

3. Specifying The Persona Of The Target
Like a traditional marketing strategy, you should define the target persona. You have to understand whom you have to target and how you want to help the customers.

4. Preparing A Path To Get You
Another step is to prepare a proper path for audiences to get you by promoting your articles and blogs on different social media sites. It indicates promoting the information or messages through your content.

5. Picking The Keywords
Picking the right keywords is essential as it helps audiences search your brand online. They can specifically find insights and help in the areas your company serves.

6. Including Call To Action
Call to action needs to be included in digital ads, product pages, email, blog posts, direct mail, social media, etc. CTA is one thing that can make or break your brand, so be careful.

7. Creating Nurturing Campaigns
You should only send information to leads who have shown interest in your brand. Also, you should respect their privacy and never share crucial credentials.

8. Analyze Data
To find out if a current strategy is working or not, you have to analyze data. With that, you can get an idea of where to make changes.

9. Transforming Leads To Customers
To transform leads to customers, special offers or discounts will be helpful. It will give qualified prospects that your business needs.

Signing Off
This nine-step audit will give you a better idea of lead generation.