Text Messaging for Prospecting and Nurturing Leads

A direct mail piece or a simple phone call following up on a lead is dying fast, if not already extinct. Modern society expects immediate gratification, which affects how marketers and sales representatives engage with customers. It is impractical to have a 30-minute conversation about your business on the phone. Simple text messages with small amounts of data are more convenient for them if they are sent frequently. As a result, they can respond when they are able and then review the responses whenever convenient.

Why texting in the digital age?

As most people own a smartphone or tablet, text messaging and/or email are a convenient way for your prospects to communicate with you in today’s fast-paced world. In 2012, an estimated 9.6 trillion messages were sent worldwide, making text messaging a popular marketing tool.Why is it important to consider lead nurturing techniques in 2012? That’s simple – texting should be a part of your plan.

Texting and lead nurturing

  • Rather than overselling, let your business sell itself –

The solution is simple: don’t show off all the good things that your company has done. Connect with new leads and respond to questions they may have. It is not necessary to blabber on about all of your successes in the last decade. Try to keep it simple, relevant, and relevant to the topic.

  • Keep your brand top of mind –

If done correctly, text messaging can be more frequent than other forms of communication. The bank often texts me about my balance and possible offers on a daily basis, for example. As long as you choose to receive those promotions, it is not intrusive. It would be best to determine how much interaction is appropriate for your company.

  • Sign up for the newsletter, and offer unsubscribe options –

If you want to communicate with your lead, you must subscribe to text messaging. It would help if you weren’t bombarding them with it. As a business and as a consumer, you will have to bear costs. Leads should come to you and opt-in to your communications if you want to nurture them properly with text messages.

  • Content pre-population –

If you want to be able to respond quickly and on time to your new Pune-based leads, you should pre-populate content for each level of interaction so your team is not only consistent between team members but also able to do so. A software system could be implemented to accomplish this, which would reduce the amount of time sales agents would spend nurturing leads.