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Our Distinct demand gen solutions take a full-funnel approach to identify your best leads, delivering content they seek and convert them via actionable engagement. We love passing on buzzing & engaged prospects and connect you to them at the right point in their buying cycle.

Your target audience, the channels you use to reach them, and the content you develop for them can all be influenced by data-driven marketing. It can influence the messages you include in your campaigns, the amount of money you spend, and even how you handle leads as they reach the sales funnel.

Data helps you identify your total addressable market
You may estimate the size of your market by sending a LinkedIn connection request to every single B2B professional on the planet.
Alternatively, a business like The Leadcrafters, with its best-in-class method to generating your customised B2B database, can quickly map your entire market. We only ask a few questions and then provide a complete market segmentation.

Data improves your targeting
Creating a market map might assist you in focusing your marketing efforts on your ideal customers. If you’re serious about data-driven marketing, however, you may go even further:
To begin, use current data to create Ideal Customer Profiles and narrow down the firms you want to target.
Second, use data to create B2B buyer personas and gain a thorough understanding of the companies’ buyers and decision-makers.

Data helps improve lead quality
You target your lead generation on the individuals that matter most to your business after segmenting your market and creating ideal customer profiles and buyer personas.
By scoring leads in your sales funnel and allowing your sales team to focus on the most important, lead scoring can increase the quality of leads reaching your sales team.

Data helps you craft compelling content
Put those buyer personas away for the time being. They can assist you in determining what type of material will appeal to your target audience. Use your customer data to figure out what drives customers to buy and then develop content that reflects those motivations.
Of course, once you’ve published material, going into your website statistics will provide you even more information into what resonates with people and what doesn’t.

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