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Consumer purchasing habits have shifted dramatically since the millennium began. We at The leadcrafters quickly saw how this would affect the B2B marketing and sales environment.
When it comes to shopping, both consumers and professionals go through phases. Every step of the journey, we expect accurate and timely information.
However, because the information flow is more sophisticated and involves more players in B2B, this is more difficult to do.


You have a lot on your plate right now. Your business needs your attention to build a functioning team, deal with your existing clients, overlook and manage everything that is your organization depending upon. Basically, the company’s base depends on your activities. It’s quite obvious that you are not getting enough time to build a brand for your business.
Direct marketing is going on fine, but do you really think that is enough when the world around you is running through the laptops and mobile phones? “Let’s go digital” is the new branding slogan of this century.

Do you think your digital activities are up to the mark to shout out the same? If not, maybe you need some help then! And maybe, we can be THE HELP!
Our Distinct demand gen solutions take a full-funnel approach to identify your best leads, delivering content they seek and convert them via actionable engagement. We love passing on buzzing & engaged prospects and connect you to them at the right point in their buying cycle.


Unlike in B2C, the B2B eCommerce user experience requires much more personalization. A B2B account can often comprise multiple users with unique roles and purchasing rights, especially when dealing with company subdivisions or sub-units. Your system’s corporate account management capabilities should be able to address complex, hierarchical corporate account structures. Buyers should be able to configure their own account management structure,


Many businesses manage multinational brands that operate across various countries, currencies, and tax regulations. Thus, scalability and localization capabilities of your B2B eCommerce solution may become a critical requirement for your business. These B2B eCommerce features are typically addressed by a purpose-built B2B platform out of the box. For example, OroCommerce Enterprise Edition includes flexible and robust tools allowing organizations to control multiple businesses, sub-brands, and divisions from one place.

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