15+ Best Online Form Builders For Lead Generation

A form builder is similar to a word processor; in that the core function is the same. However, how they accomplish the task can differ greatly. Other programs are designed to make attractive-looking forms just by clicking a few times. Some analyze and export the data you collect, while others make them automatically by analyzing and exporting the data. Here are the 15 best online form builders that we tested in order to help you choose the right one for your needs.

1. Forminator:
A plugin lets you create contact, payment, and quiz forms on your WordPress site.

2. Zoho Forms:
Zoho users will find it the ideal option because of the reasonable prices.

3. Typeform
Typeform provides you with an easy way to capture contextual information from Puneusers through conversational experiences. Typeform has an excellent format for building experiences such as surveys and questionnaires, so you can use it to build immersive web forms.

4. Gravity Forms
Payment integration is one of Gravity Forms’ strengths. It is relatively easy to connect any form to PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, or your accounting software using this plugin.

5. HubSpot Forms:
It is a free alternative to Google Forms that is more geared toward data collection than lead generation and is ideal if you’re using HubSpot’s free CRM.

6. Formstack:
A form builder that’s easy to use for all technical abilities but isn’t very versatile.

7. FormCrafts:
If you only need 5-10 forms, this is one of the most affordable options.

8. Clearbit Forms:
Forms that generate leads and are a great fit if you use Clearbit already.

9. Pabbly’s Form Builder:
As long as the cost of using it doesn’t go up with frequency, you can still use it.

10. LeadGen App
The tool will give you an edge over your competitors By converting more leads. Marketers and agencies who want to create high-converting online forms can use this solution.

11. Jotform
You can use it to simplify the process of completing online forms. You can create forms that match your branding using JotForm to collect online payments and collect online payments.

12. Wufoo
It offers standard features like payment integrations, analytics tools, and a report designer like spreadsheets. What WuFoo lacks in modern design, it compensates for by providing customizability and spreadsheet-like capabilities.

13. Paperform
The tool is like a document writer in that it goes beyond just building forms. Images, videos, and styled text can be inserted everywhere, collected payments, and scheduled meetings.

14. Qzzr
The tool helps develop richer customer profiles, improve engagement, and generate more revenue by asking the right questions. With our simple interface, it’s easy to get started making quizzes that will boost engagement and make people feel like they’re a part of the brand.

15. Google Forms
FormBuilder offers an easy method for creating online forms, saves results automatically to Google Sheets, and loads extremely quickly. Additionally, it is a form builder with all the essential forms you’d expect except for accepting payments, though.