What is Email Marketing & How Does it Work?

A popular marketing tactic, email marketing, has grown into tremendous popularity over time. The stats revealed that marketers using segmented campaigns experience a 760% increase in revenue. It shows that for all businesses, email marketing is essential. This marketing form is simple, where marketers have to send commercial emails to people interested in their brand. These customers have permitted companies to send emails that will express the information on services and products. Also, instead of concentrating on segmentation, consent, and personalization, modern email marketing has come a long way. Due to automation, it has also become a time-saving approach to target all audiences in the right way.

The Working of Email Marketing

An email service provider (ESP) is used by businesses to send marketing emails. It is the software responsible for sending and managing email marketing campaigns. An ESP is also known as an email marketing service, email marketing tool, email marketing platform, or email marketing software. Many companies wonder if they can send direct emails from their regular inbox provider.

Well, it’s possible, but you have to be careful about the email design, bandwidth, and deliverability. It’s because the well-known ISPs (Internet Service Providers) such as Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc., are for personal use. As a result, when many emails are sent, they can land on spam filters, and due to some suspicious activity, your account can get disabled.

Opting For an Email Service Provider

Contrary to this, ESPs have a better infrastructure to provide good deliverability rates. With that, the chances of emails landing in the inboxes are high. In that way, you can convey the right message to your audiences.

Final Words
An ample email marketing solutions are available, which you can check and choose one. Hopefully, your list of customers grows beyond the limits with an ideal ESP.